Somebody should tell SJP that heels are no good in the snow


New York is currently under a lot of snow, but that didn’t stop Sarah Jessica Parker from popping on some particularly unsuitable footwear.

Not one to put sense before style, the former Sex and the City star struggled to manoeuvre through a pretty treacherous snow mound recently as she tried to get into a waiting cab.

Rather than going back and popping on a pair of wellingtons, the actress enlisted the help of her assistant to get her over the pile.

She was all smiles as she finally managed to get into the car – probably chuffed that she managed to get in without falling.

We shouldn’t expect anything less from the fashionista who, just like her character Carrie Bradshaw, has a bit of an obsession with shoes. The fashion designer has even launched her own line of footwear – she may want to design a nice pair of wellingtons, without a heel.