Solange takes to Twitter to blast Beyoncé fans


Ooh, it seems Solange is NOT impressed with fans of her superstar sister taking photos!

Beyoncé, Solange and Blue Ivy were photographed enjoying a day at the park recently, but Solange looked less than happy to be snapped, and her look of wrath has hit headlines.

Now, Solange has taken to Twitter to blast those who took the photos, saying: “This is why I live in #nola. Family park days much as I want w out the mom in leopard print stretch pant photo’n every pop lock & drop.”

Ouch, excuse us while we just fold away our leopard print leggings…

The singer also tweeted photos of incident, writing: “Man, we should’ve gone to da movies! I wanted those [cameras] to BURN.”

Yikes! Next time you spot Beyoncé and her sis, we would put the camera out of sight. Nobody will believe you, but it could be worth it…