Her response to an unnecessary shave? Oh, just every woman EVER

Look, we're going to be honest here – very few of us shave our legs for the good of our health.

We generally pick up a razor when we think we're a day away from having people barf into a hedge over the sight of our hairy ankles, and we generally only grab a loofah and exfoliate like there's no tomorrow when it looks like the no-pants-dance might be on the horizon.

And it looks like we're not the only ones who operate in this manner if a recent (and absolutely hilarious) Imgur upload is anything to go by.

After spending time prepping for the arrival of her other half, this girl was NOT impressed by the curt message she received that informed her she had basically shaved, exfoliated and moisturised for NO DAMN REASON.

Sending a series of post-shower selfies to her 'babe', this girl spoke for all womankind when she wrote: "So, you're telling me that I shaved, exfoliated and moisturized for nothing."

And in a act of sisterhood for which we should all be thankful, she entitled her upload: "PSA: Please give an hour's warning, minimum."

Lads, you've been warned.

PSA: Please give an hours warning, minimum.