So, Caitlyn Jenner has had her say on Rob Kardashian’s latest news


While some of his sisters have already weighed in on the topic, until now Rob Kardashian's former stepfather has kept schtum about all the drama unfolding within the Kardashian household.

However, it looks like Caitlyn Jenner is eager to reach out to Rob, who recently revealed he's going to be a father, and reminded him that he'll always have a supporter in her no matter what he goes through.

Reflecting on her former stepson's tumultuous past year, Caitlyn, who recently shut down rumours that she wanted to de-transition, told ET: "You know, everybody goes through tough times in their life and deals with a lot of different things."

"I always look at it as 'Everybody has their stuff,' you know?" she continued. "It's how you deal with your stuff, and how you come out the other end. Things are going well."

Caitlyn, who is no stranger to intense media scrutiny, clearly empathises with Kris's only son and the pressure he faces as a member of one of the world's most famous reality television families.

Just last week, Rob spoke at his fiance Blac Chyna's birthday and told E! that while he's super-excited about the impending arrival, he hopes he can keep this chapter of his life as private as possible.

But with reports circulating that it was the Kardashian family who first leaked news of Chyna's pregnancy, we don't know how easy that will be.