Six reasons to embrace the colder weather!


Now that the clocks have gone back, winter is well and truly on its way.

Suddenly it seems to be getting dark even before we've left work for the evening – not to mention the fact that it's been raining just a little more than we'd like (okay, a lot more).

But life isn't all bad when the colder weather sets in – in fact, in many ways we love it!

Here are just five things we're super excited about for the next few months…

1. All the hot drinks
Hot chocolate, mulled wine, hot buttered rum or a simple cuppa by the fire. Warm up those freezing fingers with a steamy cup of something delicious, and sit back and enjoy the sound of the rain pouring down outside. Give us a warm fire and a delicious hot drink over a sunny summer beach any day!

2. The style!
Cardigans, scarves. hats and gloves – the high street is full of winter clothes now and we can't get enough of it. Not to mention all those slinky and sparkly Christmas party numbers. Winter fashion is the BEST.

3. It's an excuse to eat loads of amazing food
Christmas dinner aside, the colder months are just BETTER when it comes to food. Be it a hot stew at your mammy's table or a steaming bowl of tomato soup on a cold day, we love the tasty opportunities that the cold weather brings. Plus, your body needs the extra insulation, so forget the diet for the next few weeks. That's our expert opinion!

4. The build up to Christmas will be starting soon…
… even though it kind of has already! As soon as Halloween is over, Christmas decorations will start popping up all over the place and you can really begin getting in the mood. Our "Christmas is here" checklist? The Coca Cola trucks ad, Last Christmas on the radio, and of course, The Late Late Toy Show.

5. Couch time becomes essential
A Sunday hike? Ha. Get thee to the couch with a blanket, slippers and a whole lotta Netflix. Now you're in the winter spirit!

6. Parties galore
The colder months are full of work events, friendly gatherings and dinners in the run-up to the festive season.. not to mention Halloween and Thanksgiving (if you have an American friend/roommate/relative). Get your glad rags on!