Singer posts heartbreaking and angry message on Twitter


Demi Lovato is not very happy with the way in which social media are dealing with eating disorders. 

The singer took to her Twitter account to blast the way in which accounts of an eating disorder nature are still allowed: “It’s unbelievable how there are STILL accounts on Twitter/Instagram SUPPORTING eating disorders. Something has to change … If you are secretly on one of those sites you are slowly killing yourself and the other pole you “support”. Please get help.”

Demi entered rehab for an eating disorder as well as depression and self-harm back in 2010. She later admitted to having an alcohol and drugs problem too. 

Since then, Demi has been an amazing advocate for young people who experience these struggles and documented her own issues in a 2012 documentary called Stay Strong

Let’s hope her words can make a difference to those who may be struggling with issues such as this at the moment.