Singer freaking out over embarrassing internet GIF


By now, we’re all well aware that Calvin Klein are guilty of a major photoshop job after the release of Justin Bieber’s unedited underwear shots.

And apparently the Biebs is a having mild freak-out over a GIF that has gone viral, showing his rather dramatic transformation from puny to impressively, ahem, pumped-up.

The Baby singer is claiming that the image itself has been completely altered to exaggerate any edits made in the original Calvin Klein modelling shots, and he is not about to take the issue lying down.

Indeed, according to TMZ, Justin has threatened the website that created the GIF,, with a lawsuit if they don’t own up to their trickery.

The entertainment site claims to have gotten hold of a rather strongly-worded letter written by Justin’s team, in which they are threatening to pursue defamation charges unless they make it right and delete the evidence.

Somebody should probably tell Justin that the GIF has already spread all over the internet, then…