Simon Cowell shuts famous star down with one sentence


Lily Allen may be known for her quick wit and is never one to shy away from confrontation but we think she may have met her match this time!

The singer had complained on Twitter about the fact that Mark Ronson’s hit Uptown Funk was performed on The X Factor ahead of its official release.

Lily tweeted asking: "Is this even out yet?" before claiming it was an example of music corruption, comments which have largely been removed from her Twitter account now. 

Simon has now hit back at the singer and gone for a particularly low blow – admitting that Lily had wanted to be a judge on the show: “The irony is I spoke to Lily about being a judge. And from what I took from the meeting, she was seriously considering it. Thank God I said no. She’d be a barrel of laughs.”

Shut. Down. We reckon Lily will find it hard to stay silent on THAT diss! That said, we would have loved to have seen Lily on The X Factor – maybe next year?!