SHEmazing! chats to… Edge Only’s Jenny Huston


It’s been two years since former radio DJ Jenny Huston left 2FM and embarked on an entirely new dream…jewellery designing!

Edge Only, the new Irish-made jewellery line is everything we have been looking for; high quality, solid sterling silver and carat gold pieces in edgy designs. 

We all love to pick up statement pieces from our favourite high-street stores, but often it isn’t long before our fingers are turning green – and this was a big inspiration behind Jenny’s new company.

She decided that rather than “buying one junk piece” she would invest in some quality jewellery – but was left disappointed: “Nothing reflected my personality” she says.

Everything was “very formal” and just not for everyday wear.

So she decided to make her own line of jewellery that reflected her personality perfectly!

Going from spinning all of the latest indie-rock hits to designing Irish-made jewellery certainly seems like a major change, but it sounds as if jewellery has been in Jenny’s life for quite some time.

Her mother, Jane, directed and trained the Crafts Council of Ireland’s Jewellery Skills Course for over 15 years. 

As a result, Jenny was brought up around workshops, precious metals and gems and many talented people – many of whom she uses in her new company – as she says herself: “It would be crazy not to use these people my mum has trained.”

So has Jenny completely left her music days behind her? Not at all – one look at the Rock & Roll collection at Edge Only will tell you that, as she says: “I’m going from being an indie rock DJ to a jewellery designer; I thought I should reflect that.”

She also added that her love for music “will never change” and she has “such fond memories” of her days as a DJ.

Jenny has used the past two years very wisely indeed saying she travelled a lot before settling back to learn everything she needed to before launching Edge Only: “I did lots of business courses … tried to cram as much in as I could.”

Well, it certainly looks as if it’s paid off as the company, which only launched on the 16th September, is gearing up to release a further two collections: Everyday Icons and Bugs which will appear on the site on the 30th October – we can't wait!

Jenny spoke of her love for the Everyday Icons collection in particular, loving the screw, nuts, bolts and other everyday things we see fashioned into statement jewellery we can wear everyday, anywhere.

Edge Only isn't just for the ladies either!

There is also an extensive range for men – with cufflinks, tie bars and rings, all made from high-quality precious metals that would make the perfect gift for any occasion!

Let's face it, ladies – we could always use a little help when it comes to choosing presents for boys!

What does she love most about her collection?

Well that seems to be twofold, as she says she loves the fact that the pieces made by Edge Only can be worn on an everyday basis with a casual outfit, or dressed up for a glam night out. The other important aspect to her new business that she loves is that it is all Irish-made, as she says it has always been an important thing for her to “support local designers”.

If everyday statement jewellery is what you are looking for, with high-quality, fashionable, and locally made – then Edge Only is the place for you!

The website also has a great advice section on caring for your precious metals, as well as products you can buy that will keep your jewellery gleaming for years to come!

Don't forget to check out Edge Only on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!