Masterchef, who? Here’s how Holly Carpenter became a Snapchat STAR

Our go-to girl for laughs and giggles, Holly Carpenter, was sent home from the Irish Celebrity Masterchef kitchen last night.

While the judges didn't fancy her Malteser cheesecake dessert (we, on the other hand, would have gobbled it down), Holly kept her head up high.

While speaking to Shemazing! last week, the model admitted that it would have been worse if it was a competition for something she actually did as a living.

"It's totally different from when I was on Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model. Like, modelling is what I do for a living, so if I messed up on that competition, I would have felt really bad about it.

"But I really chose to do Masterchef to have a bit of fun, learn a bit more about cooking and really challenge myself."

Moving on from all things food, it's safe to say that Holly has made herself into something of a Snapchat star in recent years, and with Kris Jenner and Ashton Kutcher fans of her work, we'll take any tips on how to become a star of the snaps.

So, how does Holly have such a huge fan base? Well…

She knows her target

"You have to figure out who you want to appeal to on Snapchat. What age group or what demographic? Are they into make-up, dogs, health or fitness? Who do you really want to appeal to and who do you actually want as a follower," says Holly.


She's selective

"At the stage I'm at now, I have brands contacting me, asking to collaborate. But sometimes you have to say no if they don't appeal to your audience. So, don't just put something up for the sake of it. You have to be really selective in the subjects you cover – especially starting off."


She talks

"I know this might sound silly, but I actually talk to my followers. It's 90 percent about what you say, and only 10 percent about the picture. I find if you talk to them and talk them through what you're doing, you'll see a big reward."


And for anyone who is only beginning their Snapchat career, Holly believes taking on board these seven tips will get you off to a great start:

  • Put your idea and what you want to do (to make you stand out from the crowd) down on paper
  • Write down what excites you first, and then what you think will excite your audience
  • Follow who you aspire to be like
  • Plan ahead – write down an outline of what you want to cover in the next week/month
  • Have a backlog – in case you're busy one week, you'll have something to go back to so your Snapchat doesn't run dry
  • Don't compare to others – everyone is at a different place in their life
  • Believe you can do it

Holly thinks it's all about longevity and hopefully with these little tips, you'll be soaring before you know it.