Seller puts the late Paul Walker’s sunglasses up for auction


According to TMZ, glasses worn by the late Paul Walker are reportedly up for sale on auction site Bidami.

That’s not all, in a show of complete human disregard, the seller is also trying to flog a fire extinguisher they claim to have picked up from the scene of the crash.

The seller says he was at the crash scene last November and claims to have offered help but was pushed away by the police, no surprise there. Once the wreckage had been removed, the seller then felt that was ok to have a rummage around the area.

However, he claims that he didn’t realize they were the Fast and Furious star’s glasses and it only became apparent when photos of the actor wearing them earlier in the day were released that he realised who they belonged to.

The 40-year-old actor, who died last November after the car he was in lost control and hit a light post and a tree, left behind a fifteen year old daughter.

According to the site: “These auction items are offered with the acknowledgement of Paul Walker’s immeasurable charitable contributions. A portion of the proceeds will benefit one of the main charities BidAMI partners with.”

Bidding has already reached $605.00.