Selena poses for awkward photo with her frenemy


Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom came to blows when a feud surrounding their ladies came to a head.

Orlando was said not to be Justin’s biggest fan after he reportedly flirted with his now ex-wife, Miranda Kerr. Justin was then faced with rumours that his then and now current girlfriend, Selena Gomez, was romantically linked to Orlando.

The entire situation came to a head in Ibiza back in July when a video surfaced showing Orlando swing for Justin with people intervening before things got ugly.

So what about the ladies involved in the lads feud?

Surely neither Selena nor Miranda were too impressed by the rumours of their significant others, but of course us ladies don’t come to blows – we pose with one another and smile sweetly for the cameras!

Which is exactly what Selena and Miranda did last night when they encountered one another during Paris Fashion Week last night.

Justin, who is said to be trying to avoid Miranda, skipped the event and instead went for dinner with Kendall Jenner, another of Selena’s supposed frenemies.

At an event held by CR Fashion Book Justin stuck close to the Jenner/Kardashian clan while his girlfriend mingled elsewhere, according to reports. 

Selena and Justin JUST got back together – could they be on the rocks again?!

Hmm, this web is very, very tangled indeed!