FIGHT! Which Hollywood star threw a punch at Bieber?!


We didn’t have Orlando Bloom down as the rowdy type, but he was at a celeb packed restaurant in Ibiza last night (apparently Paris Hilton and P Diddy were there), and according to two eyewitnesses, he tried to punch Justin Bieber in the face!

Luckily for Justin, he ducked before he got hit.

It’s not hard to figure out what Orlando has against Bieber – the pop star was reported to have gotten VERY close to Orlando’s then wife Miranda Kerr back in 2012 when they were both at a Victoria’s Secret fashion show. And Orlando was spotted out and about with Justin’s on again off again girlfriend Selena Gomez not so long ago.

Apparently when Bieber left the restaurant the crowd applauded. Not so popular anymore, eh?!