Selena Gomez confirms our worst fears


Selena Gomez has finally done what we were really, really hoping she wouldn’t and gotten back together with Justin Bieber.

Just after we thought Selena and Taylor Swift could patch things up and be the best BFFs since Blair and Serena, it looks as if she has gone back to her bad boy.

Justin all but confirmed they are together again after posting a photo of them looking very cosy indeed.

But is it just another round in the on-again off-again saga that is Justin and Selena? Or could things take a turn for the more mature this time around?

Either way, just as Katy Perry did for Rihanna, somewhere Taylor Swift is wishing Selena has listened a little more closely to this: 

The news of their recent reconciliation comes not long after Selena admitted she was struggling with some issues, with many believing they were largely to do with her ex-boyfriend…

Can Justin resist the charms of the many models (and Jenner sisters) he has been linked to since he and Selena were last seen together? For her sake, we hope so!