Selena Gomez reveals the worrying reason she has fled the US


Selena Gomez is currently in Nepal as a UN ambassador, but it seems that isn’t the only reason for the trip.

While in Nepal, Selena was interviewed by Bisnu Sharma, a well-known journalist in the country.

Sharma then took to his Twitter account and quoted Selena’s words during the interview, which seem to reveal why she needed a break from the US, “I am in Nepal for to escape American media. I wanted to mental peace.”

Fans of Selena will have noticed that there seems to be a hint of sadness in her Instagram posts of late.

She recently uploaded a bikini selfie along with the words: “Taking my power back.”

Hopefully Selena can find the peace she needs in Nepal, it can’t be easy dealing with all of that boyfriend drama on such a public scale!