Scotty T tried to flirt with Kendall Jenner, but got the WRONG girl

Scotty T is no stranger to a case of mistaken identity.

After recently posing for a snap with former CBB housemate Jeremy McConnell, Twitter users were flummoxed to see Jez had jokingly tagged the Geordie Shore star as Gaz online. (Lol Jez, lol)

And while Scotty T paid little attention to Jeremy's 'gag', he's going to have a harder time living down his own Twitter blunder.

With classic Geordie charm, the CBB winner decided to reach out to Kendall Jenner on Twitter this morning, and failed miserably.

After sharing a photo of Emily Ratajkowski on his page, Scotty tweeted: "Right…… are ridiculously fit @KendallJenner!"

Finishing off the post with all the tact for which Geordie Shore lads are famed, he hastagged #daymmmm and #gizalick.

Wasting no time schooling poor ol' Scotty on his international models, Twitters users flooded the reality star's page with comments.

"That's not Kendall I'm dying," wrote one while another clarified: "That's not Kendall ya madman that's @emrata."

"To be fair they are the double of each other..but no its not Kendall haha," added another.

Maybe Scotty is trying out Jeremy's approach to online humour…