Jeremy McConnell tried to have the lols on Twitter, but died on his ar*e


Whether it was too subtle or too sarky, we're all had moments where we instantly regret a joke we've made on social media.

From realising it hasn't quite landed to sweating over your followers' response to your stand-up material, social media can be a minefield when it comes to the lols as Jeremy McConnell discovered this morning.

After sharing a snap of himself and fellow Celebrity Big Brother contestant, Scotty T, on Twitter, Jezza decided to caption the shot: "Me and Gaz last ni." (sic)

But it wasn't Gaz…and that, ladies, is the joke. (Badum-bum-chiiiii)

Fearful Jeremy had had a lobotomy, the reality star's followers wasted no time schooling him on the Geordie Shore cast, with one writing: "WTF that's Scotty T check again it's defo not gaz lol."

"Awkward moment when you don't even know that it's @ScottGShore and not @GazGShore," added another.

As more and more members of the public took to Twitter to set Jeremy straight, the Dubliner clearly reached the end of his tether, replying: "I know it's Scotty you morons."

Well you can see where the confusion arose Jez…

Rushing to the defence of Jeremy's quality gag, one Twitter user raged: "A majority of tweeters have had a humour bypass. They must have undergone this procedure when they had their brains removed."

Hmmm…we don't know about that one.