‘5 out of 10’ Scotty T decides to have his say on THOSE affair rumours


While the Celebrity Big Brother house generally brings out the worst in most contestants, Scotty T's stint in the famous building suggested he had a much more sensitive side than his Geordie Shore persona would lead us to believe,

But it looks like the Scotty T we met when he first strutted into the Geordie Shore house is back with a bang if his latest column for the Daily Star online is anything to go by.


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Weighing in on this week's biggest celebrity news, the 28-year-old professional party boy expressed disbelief that Brad Pitt may have been having an affair with a co-star… but not for the same reasons as the rest of us.

With no mention of the fact he's a married man with children, Scotty instead decided to focus his attention on the woman Brad reportedly 'fooled around with' – Marion Cotillard.

Taking aim at the Oscar-winning actress, Scotty wrote: "All I can say is, if it's true, 1. was he drunk and 2. surely he could have picked someone worthwhile, not a 5 out of 10 who is already married,"


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Scotty then went on to suggest that Angelina and Brad were having trouble in the bedroom and insisted that if a Victoria Secret model had propositioned Brad, he would have the full support of the reality TV star.

Thanks for that Scotty, we're sure Brad appreciates the support.

*Pass the sick bucket*