Reasons to be thankful for your heartbreak


It may seem like the end of the world right now, but there are plenty of reasons why you can be thankful for your latest heartbreak:

The worst is over
Even though you’re convinced you will never be able to overcome this pain, the worst is well and truly over. No more arguments, passive aggressiveness, negotiations and that horrible Facebook changing of your relationship status. It’s all over now.

You’re free
Initially it may not feel like it, but being single is definitely liberating.

You have more time for friends
It’s times like these that you realise who your true friends are. Let’s face it, while you were in your relationship you missed out on a lot, because you were spending so much time with your significant other. Now is the perfect opportunity to forget about your heartache and make up for all of that lost time.

The one
So he wasn’t the one, that’s ok, you now know more than ever what you really need to find in a partner.

Cheesy but true. While the beginning of that nasty heartbreak is never nice, you will come out of it a lot stronger than you’ve ever been and of course, with a great fresh perspective.