8 things we all feel the day after Paddy’s Day


1. WHY did I think I would be okay on three hours sleep…why?!

2. Is that curry chips I taste? I'm going to puke

3. Okay, I can do this. I just have to make it as far as the bus. Why is there puke everywhere?!

4. I ate sooo badly yesterday. I must try and be really, really healthy today. 

5. "Oh, yes, hello. Can I have a hot chicken roll with cheese, ketchup and coleslaw please? Thanks."

6. How is the day after Paddy's Day not a national holiday? I need to go home

7. Oh look everyone is just like me. Except for that one person. There's always that bright eyed, bushy-tailed smug fecker

8. It's over! I made it! Now. Bed.