Police called to Corrie star’s home after fight breaks out


Kate Ford, who plays the role of the ever-delightful Tracy Barlow on Coronation Street has had something of a dramatic 24 hours!

Police were called to the actress’ home in South London after a domestic argument broke out, that Kate has said had nothing to do with her. 

Following a play date at her home, a friend called around to pick up his son, who had been playing with Kate’s son, Otis. 

The friend’s girlfriend then also called around and banged on the door “for 30 minutes” demanding to know why her partner was not yet home. 

The actress told The Sun: “He was picking up his boy and had been at my home half an hour when this woman turned up and refused to leave. She came into my house because he was not home on time and started this blazing row.”

Kate has insisted that although the argument took place at her home, it was nothing to do with her: “I’m a good mother and a good person. I’m a very quiet person and don’t get involved in scandal.”