Pippa Middleton’s wedding day has arrived, and Twitter is so divided

It's been six years since the world watched Pippa Middleton's older sister make her way up the aisle at Westminister Abbey to marry Prince William.

And while Pippa made an impact all of her own the day she acted as bridesmaid to Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, the 33-year-old will take centre stage as the bride at her own wedding to James Matthews later today.

Much has been made about Pippa's big day; from the guest list to her bridal party, but like anything to do with the royal family and the plethora of high-profile names contained within its inner circle, not everyone is enthused by the constant coverage.

And as a result, Twitter is, unsurprisingly, lit this morning, with some members of the public only dying to share in the excitement and others… well… not so much.