Twitter users shocked over comments about Romeo Beckham


Everyone was impressed with Romeo Beckham’s stunning performance in Burberry’s Christmas advert – but some comments have caused public outcry.

Many adults on Twitter have been branding the 12-year-old 'hot' – much to the dismay of other users. 

Comments including: “Thinking Romeo Beckham is hot is not creepy right?” have been blasted by other users as completely inappropriate: “Why am I seeing grown women on my [timeline] saying how hot Romeo Beckham is. He’s still a child.”

Channel 4 star Stinson Hunter, known as The Paedophile Hunter, has slammed the comments, saying: “I’ve seen some shocking comments about that Beckham kid – grown women saying he’s ‘fit’ sort your heads out – he’s ten for God sakes.”

He also took to his Facebook account and wrote a lengthy piece about why it is so wrong to brand a child such terms: “I have been watching the comments and am honestly shocked by what I have read it seems that because this person [who made the comments] is a woman that it is perfectly acceptable to say a child is ‘hot’ or ‘sexy’ but when a man say’s it (and they have about children) he becomes villain number one.”