Only one woman in list of Top 10 highest paid movie stars


Figures reveal that out of the top ten highest earners in Hollywood last year, only one of them was a woman.

Angelina Jolie just barely squeezed onto the male-dominated list with her earnings of $33m in 2013.

Top of the list was Roberty Downey Jr with $75m, followed by Channing Tatum at $60m, Hugh Jackman with $55m and Mark Wahlberg with $51 million. Also on the list was Leonardo DiCaprio, Denzel Washington and Adam Sandler.

That’s right – star of Mr Deeds earned buckets more than Oscar-nominated Angelina Jolie.

Jennifer Lawrence came second on the list of highest paid actresses with $26m.

That’s right – star of That’s My Boy (no, we didn’t see it either) earns even more than Oscar-nominated Jennifer Lawrence.

What is wrong with the world?