On the hottest day of the year? This store is flogging FESTIVE Toblers

This week has seen two of the hottest days of the year so far, and while the public – both in Ireland and the UK – were facing into a week of nonstop chafing only made better by the promise of office ice creams, one store in the UK was busy preparing for the festive season.

With five months to go until we can officially say the Christmas season is upon us, a branch of Sainsburys in East Dulwich hedged their bets in the hopes some wily shoppers might use the hottest day of the year to do a spot of Christmas shopping.

Taking to Twitter to draw attention to the grocery giant's seasonal slip-up, Nigel Hall shared a snap of a shelf of milk-chocolate Toblerones festooned with miniature Christmas trees.

"Yes, on the hottest day of the year @Sainsburys has got Christmas stock in," he wrote in a tweet which has hit headlines this week.

With social media users wasting no time calling the retailer out on their festive eff-up, a spokesperson for Sainsbury commented on the matter, saying: "We’re looking into how this stock got onto our shelves in the middle of Summer."

And in a move which any lover of Dad jokes would appreciate they finished by insisting: "We appreciate it’s snow joke and will find out from our supplier whether they Noel more."

Oh, you guys!

If you come across any Christmas merchandise this summer, take a snap and email it to hello@shemazing.ie