Olivia Palermo shares some super-exciting news


She is arguably one of the most stylish women in the world, so the news that Olivia Palermo is planning to launch her own fashion house is pretty exciting.

In a new interview with The Edit, the style icon and former star of The City has admitted that a clothing line is something that is definitely on the cards, although we may have to wait a little while longer.

“I have my hands full at the moment,” explains the 28-year-old, adding, “I would love to start my own [fashion] house but it’s not the right time. I feel like I can do it in stages and when the timing is right to do it, then I will.”

We can safely say that we will be at the top of the queue, purses flailing in the air, when this project goes down!

Of course, Olivia is no stranger to fashion design. While her fashion website is her main focus right now, she recently teamed up with label Aquazurra on a pretty epic shoe collection. Ranging from sexy knee-high boots to pretty embellished stilettos, the collaboration proved to be as successful as it was stunning.

We love Olivia’s immaculate style, and hope she doesn’t wait too long to grace us with some House of Palermo designs!