‘WTF?’: Ben Affleck sparks outrage over sexual harassment joke

Twitter user are furious with Ben Affleck after the actor appeared to joke about the recent sexual harassment allegations during an interview with MTV.

The Justice League star, who was accused by Hilarie Burton of sexual harassment in 2003, upset some viewers over comments he made during an all-cast interview promoting the new DC film.

When quizzed about which superhero they would like to see cast in a sequel, Ben was quick to suggest the inclusion of Black Canary, because “it would be good if we could use more women.”

But he didn't stop there.

Answering the same question, co-star Ray Fisher, who plays Cyborg in the film, chose the hero Zatanna as his preferred addition – to which Ben replied “the fish nets, right?”

The interviewer then proceeded to ask the cast what they'd get up to if another female superhero where to join the squad.

“I think it would create a different dynamic,” explained Ray, who was then interrupted by Ben's amused response.

“You following the news at all?” the star laughed.

Needless to day, his comments did not go down too well with viewers, many of whom took to Twitter to accuse the actor of making light of the situation.