Millie Mackintosh reveals the secrets behind her stunning figure


There is no denying Millie Mackintosh’s fabulous figure – and now she has let us in on the secrets behind it!

It’s not all fun and games for this star though and Millie admits that she works hard for her body and eats healthy.

However, her aim isn’t to the lose weight, but to be toned and strong – we love that!

The former Made in Chelsea star told New! magazine: “Generally I work out five times a week. I won’t always work out with a personal trainer, I do classes too. I’ve been doing a mixture of Pilates, spinning and Barrecore … instead of losing weight, it’s about seeing abs.”

Millie went on to describe her healthy regime, admitting that she does have a cheat day (phew!): “It’s about discipline with what you eat because you can work out but if you eat sh** you’re never going to have a defined stomach … I love eggs for breakfast, so I’ll have an omelette or frittata. I love smoked salmon too, and avocado – so I have fats and protein … For lunch I have a chicken salad with vegetables and quinoa then salmon, broccoli and sweet potato for dinner … I still have cheat days at the weekend, I like to cook a roast.”

Millie is known for her love of a healthy lifestyle and is often pictured in the gym, but it’s nice to see she has her cheat days just like the rest of us!