Miley Cyrus gets a spooky new tattoo in time for Halloween


We think it’s safe to say that Miley Cyrus has a tattoo addiction.

The Bangerz star has only gone and gotten inked yet again, just days after unveiling another tattoo homage to her brother.

We hate to sound like our mothers here, but she won’t have any bare skin left at this rate!

The latest addition to Miley’s ever-growing tattoo collection is a cute little alien on her knuckle, to go with the eye, love heart and watermelon slice drawings on the surrounding digits.

Just in the time for Halloween, then!

This is Miley’s second trip to the tattoo parlour since touching down in Australia last weekend.

The singer paid a visit to the popular Eureka Rebellion Trading parlour after flying in to Melbourne, getting brother Braison’s nickname ‘Wukong’ inked onto her wrist.

Braison has repaid his sister’s rather sweet dedication already, by getting her initials ‘MRC’ emblazoned onto the side of his baby finger.

There is a lot of love going on in the Cyrus family!

What do you make of Miley’s new tattoo?