Miley Cyrus adds to her weird tattoo collection


In case you didn't know, Miley Cyrus REALLY loves tattoos.

The singer had barely touched down in Australia when she decided to add to her growing collection, heading to the popular Eureka Rebellion Trading parlour to get some new ink.

With a lip tattoo of a crying cat, and another that reads ‘Love Yer Brain’, we could only imagine what she opted for this time around. So no, we weren't a bit surprised to hear that she got the word 'Wukong' printed onto her wrist!

At first we were well and truly puzzled at what the word ‘Wukong’ meant, but it turns out that it is actually the nickname Miley has for her brother, Braison.

The owner of the tattoo parlour said that Miley’s artwork was “just a small piece as she’s got tiny arms”, and was designed by the Wrecking Ball singer herself.

“She was awesome, she’s such a rad girl,” he added.

We actually think the tattoo is a really sweet idea!