Meryl Streep was MAJORLY burned on The Ellen DeGeneres Show


Who the hell has the nerve to block Hollywood royalty, Meryl Streep, out of a selfie…for the second time?! Emily Blunt and Anna Kendrick, that’s who!

The three gorgeous actresses appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show where they discussed the famous Oscar selfie which pretty much broke the internet (Sorry, Kim!) and poor old Meryl opened up about how disappointed she was that she barely featured in it.

Ellen backed up Meryl and said: “The whole idea was I was going to get a selfie with Meryl and then everybody else jumped in and Meryl was barely in the selfie!”

So, in a bid to make it up to The Devil Wears Prada star, the ever-hilarious Ellen huddled in with the three ladies and posed, but mischievous Emily and Anna couldn’t resist the opportunity to wind up Meryl and the pair blocked that Oscar-winner out of the snap like two bold kids!

Upon showing the selfie to the audience, Meryl pretended to be annoyed before breaking into gales of laughter and posing for yet another shot. Third time lucky, perhaps?!

Girls, could we actually love her any more?!