Mel B’s X Factor lie is called out by her own family!


Mel B has found herself in the middle of a rather embarrassing situation as her family call her out on a lie she allegedly told on The X Factor.

The former Spice Girl told contestant Kayleigh Manners she was from an area of Leeds known as Harehills – an area described by Kayleigh as having a “bad name.”

However, things have just got a little awkward and confusing as Mel B’s mum has come out and said: “Melanie was brought up in Harehills? Well, that’s news to is. It’s always been Kirkstall, the other side of town.”

Things got even worse when her sister, Danielle, said: “That’s what happens when you forget your roots. I might start saying I grew up in Buckingham Palace.”


Mel B previously acknowledged that she didn’t grow up in Harehills during a 2009 documentary called 7 Days On The Breadline in which she says: “Despite the fact I grew up in Leeds and grew up on another council estate in the city, I was shocked at the level of deprivation and the absence of hope I found when I went back to Harehills.”

Mel B and her family have been on the outs since 2008 as they blame her husband Stephen for putting a wedge between the star and her family.

Somehow, we’re not sure her family speaking out is going to do anything to heal the rift between them.