Mel B’s sister pleads with her brother-in-law in shocking tweets


Mel B’s sister Danielle Brown has released a series of tweets showing her worry for her sister, who is currently in hospital with a suspected stomach ulcer. 

In the shocking tweets, Danielle appears to blame Mel’s husband, Stephen Belafonte for something, writing: “And now you say she is sick but ok Where is my sister??? What have you done??”

The Twitter rant began when Danielle retweeted her mum’s worried message about her X Factor judge daughter: “Mothers worst nightmare to hear ur daughters seriously ill in hosp and not know where to go!!”

From there, Danielle began to say that she was just looking for information on Mel’s condition: “This is ridiculous and cruel!!! Evil! How can NO one tell me and my family where my sister is and what is going on?????” before turning to Simon and asking for his help in the matter: “How can NO one tell me and my family where my sister is and what is going on???? Can you please help? Or who can we contact?”

She then turned her sights to Mel’s husband, threatening to go to the police with abusive phone calls she allegedly has from him: “@stephenthinks1 if I have 2go press I will! Ive recorded your calls 4 the past week including your 330am abusive call and Mel visit 2dad … I am beyond desperate and this should be a private family matter!! But we don’t know what else to do if anyone at all can help then pls do.”

Wow – we can’t imagine what Mel and her family are going through, as it is known they have had problems in the past and by the looks of the tweets her family are not a fan of her husband, Stephen. 

Either way, we really hope Mel has a speedy recovery and can patch things up with her family eventually.