Make-up tips for blondes


Blonde hair can be tricky when you are trying to get your make-up right – you don’t want to go for anything too over the top. Unfortunately, whether you are a natural or a not-so-natural blonde, some colours can make you look too harsh or washed out.


Stick to light and natural everyday base. Choose a foundation with a golden undertone to warm up your skin


A soft pink blush is your best friend although coral colours are good for nights out


If you are a natural blonde you will have lighter coloured eyelashes so avoid mascara that is too dark. Black mascara can be too harsh so stick to a medium or dark brown instead.


Pink or beige colours are perfect for during the day but glam it up with silver or grey for special occasions. Remember, less is more when it comes to eyeshadow.


A red lip looks amazing on blondes. Stick to a blue red colour if you are pale while sallow skinned ladies should go for a more orange based red. Try to avoid nude as it can make you look a little washed out.