Make-up and jewellery storage ideas


1. Cake Stands

Cakes and muffins look great on cake stands in the kitchen, so there is no reason why your nail varnish or make up can’t look great  on a cake stand in your bedroom! With so many adorable cake stands in the shops these days you can easily find one that will suit your taste and decor. It’s great for sorting the clutter on your vanity table.

2. Spice Racks

Use your old spice rack or buy a cheap one, paint it a pretty colour, stick it on the wall, line up your favourite nail varnish colours and feel super organised.

3. Cheese grater

Use an old cheese grater to hang earrings and you’ll never lose one again. If you paint it a pretty colour and give it a kitsch look it won’t even look like a grater anymore!

4. Picture frame

Remove the glass from the frame. Cut some chicken wire (the one with holes in it) to the size of the frame and place inside as you would glass. Hang up those earrings, necklaces and bracelets.