‘Lovers Shirts’: Are you holding on to your ex’s t-shirt?

Photographer Carla Richmond Coffing and writer, Hanne Steen have created “Lovers Shirts”, a project which explores the reasons we cling to material things such as our ex’s old t-shirts.

Steen said: “There is something about (ex-lovers’ shirts) – even old and torn, they feel special, different than any other piece of clothing.

“My last boyfriend had a stack of old t-shirts, worn and soft and full of holes that I used to love to wear… When that relationship ended, I somehow neglected to keep any of his shirts, and I missed wearing them, because I missed him – his smell, his arms around me, so I decided to do a project that looked deeper into this phenomenon, as a way of exploring my own feelings of longing and attachment, and ultimately, detachment. I was curious whether or not other people felt the same way.”

Well, we can definitely relate to how Steen felt. Take a look at these beautiful images – further proof that a picture will is worth a thousand words.