Little white lies Irish women tell their boyfriends


Men constantly complain about how complicated women are. The fact of the matter is, we’re really not. In fact, most of the time we’re fairly easy to decode, understand and please, you’re probably just not totally sure what’s going on in our minds. So, to help you, here is a list of things we say that are definitely lies.

1. “I’m Fine”

tumblr_mmp6soGieL1spaaixo1_500 (1)Ooh, she is 100% NOT fine!

2. “No Presents Please… It’s grand”

tumblr_mxz1k1ezUJ1stgrfzo1_400For the love of humanity, get the girl a present!

3. Oh these legs, nah they’re just naturally this smooth and shiny.”

tumblr_mo9smavzxw1rijmvyo1_500 LIES, IT’S ALL LIES. We did not just wake up with legs that could feature on a Gillette Venus ad. It’s tough maintenance, sometimes painful, always annoying.

4. “I’ve absolutely no make up on”

tumblr_n46x9o6Vzt1qac1soo2_500If we didn’t, you would know.

5. “No, I Don’t Creep On Other Men..ever”

tumblr_n48wzga8cD1t70ckxo9_r1_250Just like you don’t creep on any other women..oh wait.

6. “I’m not drunk…”

tumblr_mfvexeka8W1ra8b8oo1_500Sometimes I LIKE sleeping on the bathroom floor, gotta problem with that?

7. “Penneys, €5”

tumblr_m9894iiQbY1rxdvy7o1_400This one might be true, or it could have been 120 euro in Topshop.

8. “I’m not into gossip”

tumblr_n14rkuvHWM1qk08n1o1_500…But did you HEAR about Mary?!

9. “My dad really likes you”


10. “I’m OK”

tumblr_inline_n30nycAhR61s778dpSee number one.

11.  “There’s nothing I’d change about you..”


Except maybe the hair, clothes…and the laugh can go too.

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