Lily Allen slammed for very controversial Halloween costume


She tends to always leave a trail of controversy in her wake, but we think Lily Allen may have gone too far this time.

The singer has come in for major criticism today after dressing up as “Dr Luke”, in an apparent reference to the producer who has been accused of mentally and sexually abusing singer Kesha.

The mother-of-two was seen smirking as she stepped out last night in blue scrubs, with a name badge reading “Dr Luke” pinned to her top pocket.

Even if this wasn’t intentional, this was definitely a bad and insensitive move on Lily’s part.

Dr Luke – aka music producer Lukasz Gottwold – has been accused of sexually, physically and mentally abusing Kesha for a ten-year period after she signed a record deal with his label, at the age of 18.

Last week the Tik Tok singer filed a lawsuit against the producer, with court documents detailing the abuse.

The 27-year-old singer claims that Gottwold also forced her to take drugs and alcohol, and was a major factor in her issues with her body image.

It’s safe to say that Lily hasn’t impressed anyone with this outfit.