Lauren Goodger falls victim to co-star’s hurtful comments


Glamour model and former TOWIE star Maria Fowler clearly doesn’t live by the rule where if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

After watching her ex co-star Lauren Goodger on Celebrity Big Brother, she couldn’t help but voice her opinion on Twitter:

“Wait 'til she can’t keep up this fake friendly act anymore!

“Either she’s had a personality transplant or this is some serious act #CBB.

“Lauren's voice has changed more than Frank Maloney's. I think she’s trying to sound sweet and innocent.”

Lauren’s fans stuck up for the reality star at this point, but Maria wasn’t backing down:

“No no no it’s justified. I never said what she did to me. It wasn’t nice.

“Not nice to slag off Lauren for her looks. But I speak on her personality for having the displeasure of her nasty side. No other reason. Xx.”

Those two kisses at the end really are the passive aggressive cherry on top, no?

Of course, Lauren wasn’t best pleased and responded to the comments in her column:

“I've heard Maria Fowler has been slagging me off, saying I used to be a lovely girl before I joined TOWIE, but fame has changed me and she's seen my nasty side.

“What have I done to her? This is bull****!

“People like her talk about other people to get back in the public eye. It's pathetic.”

This isn’t the first time Maria has hinted at Lauren having done something to her. Back in 2011, she made a scathing comment about Lauren’s bikini body while on TOWIE, but justified it later on Twitter saying:

“Haha don't even start sayin I'm bein bitchy when there is a LOT you don't know!!!!!!! (sic).

“If people knew the reason behind things that are said #YouWouldntJudge….”

Hmm we think if there wasn anything that bad, she’d have told us by now. She doesn’t seem to be able to keep much to herself!