Lauren Conrad made her own Halloween costume, and it’s adorbs

When Lauren Conrad wasn't busy bemoaning the lack of 'real people' in Los Angeles, she was – as a student of the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising – up to her eyes in magazine clippings and fabric cuttings.

So, after making a name (and a fortune) for herself in the fashion industry, it's no real surprise that the former reality TV star still chooses to create her own Halloween costumes.

Teasing her fans and followers this week on Instagram, Lauren shared sneak peeks of the work in progress before unveiling the finished design on her website.


Made my Halloween costume today! As usual lots of tulle was involved.

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Uploading a snap of the items involved, she wrote: "Made my Halloween costume today! As usual lots of tulle was involved."

Fans sent themselves into a frenzy guessing what she might be making, with general consensus concluding that she was opting for a ballerina.

Lauren kept schtum before sharing another snap which suggested her fan base were way off, writing: "Any guesses?! We’ll be revealing the full costume tomorrow, but until then, here’s a little sneak peek to give you a hint!"

"Mimes? Dolls? Maybe some Alice in Wonderland vibes?" wrote one while another added: "Deck of cards? Queen of hearts, joker?"

A pro at milking any situation, Lauren held her fans in suspense before eventually sharing a full-size snap of the costume.

And in fairness, it's pretty cute.

"Well, ladies and gentlemen, the wait is over!" wrote Lauren. "This year, my girlfriends and I are dressing up for Halloween as (drumroll, please)… Circus performers!"

"I came up with this idea a few months ago when I saw this sequin star dress from Valentino’s Star Studded collection. I had a vision of putting a pastel twist on regular circus performer costumes and incorporating the star sequins from that dress into our own costumes."

"So, my friends Lauren and Hannah and I got a bunch of tulle, some pretty ribbon and feathers, put on some circus music, and started crafting away." she added.

And if you're interested in recreating Lauren's look, she provides a step by step guide on her website.