Kylie Jenner accused of photoshopping Instagram snap


Kylie Jenner has been accused of photoshopping an Instagram snap of herself in a bikini.

The gorgeous 16-year-old uploaded an image with the caption: “Tan twime” to her account then quickly deleted it, replacing it with a similar one.

The problem is, the first image appeared to have been doctored in some way, as it appears fuzzy around the edges in comparison with the second image.

Kylie’s followers soon began to accuse the teenager of altering the image, which she then denied, tweeting: “I’ve never photoshopped an Instagram photo. it was fuzzy from the app I used. So end of story thank u.”

We really hope that she didn’t feel the need to alter the image, as it is obvious she is stunning without it, then again, we all touch up photos every now and then, don’t we?!

Do you think Kylie photoshopped the image?