Kim under fire after latest Instagram pics of North


The day doesn't seem complete if Kim or Kanye haven't outrage over something they're doing. Today, it’s Kim who is under fire after a picture she posted of North.

The mum-of-one Instagrammed a picture of her little girl with blue eyes, captioned “Baby Wolfie”. The picture was in reference to previous ‘wolf’ images posted of Kim and Kanye wearing blue contact lenses and fans were quick to presume Kim had fitted her daughter with her own pair.

Soon Kim was inundated with comments accusing her of being a bad mum, with one poster saying: "why would you be okay with this?"

Kim was eventually forced to reedit her caption to include: "#NoTheseAreNOTContact #JustAnEditISawOnline"

She later posted a second picture of North with photoshopped green-gold eyes and the caption: “Another baby Wolfie pic. Not sure who made these edits they are so cute but not as cute as my brown eyed Wolfie!”

Some commenters voiced their concerns over Kim posting pictures in which her 21-month-old daughter's appearance had been photoshopped, with one person saying: "She looks better and beautiful with her natural color."

We have no doubt this will blow over quickly – Kanye is definitely due to say something ridiculous at any moment…