Kim Kardashian is a girl after our own heart


Kim Kardashian had an incredibly beautiful and expensive wedding, travelling from Paris to Florence in her quest for the perfect day; however, she’s not too big for some takeaway food!

According to reports, upon arriving in Ireland, the new Mrs Kardashian West and her husband, Kanye West, enjoyed takeaway pizza in the back of their car – no expensive dining for them!

Although, they might have been a bit cash strapped considering the wedding cost a fair few bob!

They may have racked up a bill of around €45,000 during their very quick honeymoon, it seems the pair are not too big for a slice of the good stuff in the back of a car.

While they may have cut their trip short, Kim will always have a reminder of her honeymoon in Ireland as Kanye gave her a gift of a Claddagh ring – just like Bruce gave to Kris during their honeymoon in Ireland. Aww!