Khloé takes to Twitter to speak about her sister Kim


We all could have been forgiven for assuming that there was something of a bitter feud occurring between Khloé Kardashian and her sister, Kim. 

After all, when your sister posts a video of you on your birthday with a soundtrack that says: “You little dumba** bi***, I ain’t fu**in’ with you” and a caption that reads: IDGAF (I Don’t Give A Fu**), you may assume she has a slight problem with you…



Ein von Khloé (@khloekardashian) gepostetes Video am

Nevertheless, Khloé has denied that the video was a diss at her older sister, tweeting: "My last instagram video song is NOT about my sister. Stop making nothing into something! It was OUR song of the night…"

The youngest Kardashian sister then followed up her tweet by saying: Some things really are just that simple."

Surely Khloé knew that the Instagram video made it seem as if she did have a problem with her sister – but she doesn't seem to think so!