Is this the most over-the-top proposal of all time?


We’re all for romance, but we think this Australian may have taken it a bit too far when it came to his dramatic proposal!

Nathan Humphris decided to propose to his girlfriend by sticking 1,500 post-it notes on her car.

Apparently, Nathan’s girlfriend Belinda Modra, would jokingly ask her boyfriend to tell her how much he loved her.

So Nathan decided to respond to her question by placing post-its all over her car with the message: “I love you this much”.

Belinda admitted that she was shocked initially by her boyfriend’s dramatic proposal.

“I got back to my car and sort of spotted it from a distance and knew where I parked, but thought I definitely didn’t leave it like that, I was a bit taken aback.”

But the OTT romantic gestures didn’t stop there, because when Belinda arrived at her Adelaide home, she was greeted with 500 red and white balloons in their courtyard.

After some strange instructions, Belinda eventually found Nathan for the next step of his proposal.

“Eventually I found him and he was standing there in his suit getting a bit emotional. He gave the big speech about how much he loves me, how it’s taken us a while but we got there, then he got down on one knee proposed.”

Belinda of course accepted, and the couple plan on getting hitched next year.