Is there another celebrity feud on the way for Katy Perry?

First it was Taylor Swift, now it’s Demi Lovato. Katy Perry just can’t seem to stay on the good side of her fellow pop stars. The face of Moschino is under fire again, and this time it’s because Demi isn’t appreciating fans claiming her music is a rip-off of Katy’s. 

Demi had plenty of reason to celebrate this week after her new single Cool For The Summer went to number one on the iTunes charts, but it was a short-lived celebration for the 22-year old as some music fans were quick to point out the sound wasn’t all that original. 

After hearing complaints that the song sounded a little too like Katy Perry’s smash hit I Kissed a Girl, Demi lashed out on Twitter to stop the comparisons.

Fan were saying Demi’s new song sounded like a mix of Katy Perry’s I Kissed a Girl and Jessie J’s Domino, but Demi was quick to respond in defence of her work.

Katy has yet to respond, but given her history of dramatic catfights, we reckon it won't be long until she does.