Is Selena’s secret tattoo a secret message to Bieber?


Selena Gomez has released another interesting snap on her Instagram this time of what appears to be a tattoo on her hand.

The Come and Get It singer’s latest snap could be in response to Justin Bieber’s new tattoo Forgive, which he got inked on his stomach last weekend.

Bieber decided to get the tattoo while flying over 30,000 miles aboard a plane and is believed to be directed as a message of forgiveness towards Selena.

Selena has also released other cryptic Instagram snaps belived to be directed at Bieber in the last week. One snap featured the singer standing naked behind a curtain and another racey snap  released today showed Selena’s backside while she is looking at her mirror.

Whether its an actual tattoo or not, it seems the on and off again couple won’t be stopping any time when it comes to strange public displays of affection.