Irish singer weighs in on One Direction split this weekend


Despite selling out arenas all over the world and lining up future concert dates, One Direction are currently dogged by rumours of unrest within the band. And while there are reports constantly suggesting a split is only around the corner, one man who will refuse to let that happen is Danny O’Donoghue from The Script.

Urging the band to stay together, the 34-year-old frontman spoke to the Daily Star on Sunday and said: “If I was advising them I would tell them to stick together as long as possible. It should be the band against the world.”

The latest One Direction story which suggests a split may be on the horizon revolved around reports that an ‘exhausted’ 21-year-old Zayn can no longer cope with fame and may want out, but Danny is having none of it.

Commenting on the reports, the For The First Time singer said: “You have to stick together, protect each other and look after each other. Maybe they just need an extended break, but I wouldn’t advise them to split.”

If the reports that Zayn is sick of fame, overwhelmed by negative publicity and suffering from homesickness are indeed true, then Danny’s words may fall on deaf ears, but hey, it was worth a shot!