Irish model defends “too skinny” Instagram snap


Irish model and former Miss Universe Ireland, Lynn Kelly has hit back at critics who said she was “too skinny” and “unhealthy” in a recent Instagram photo.

The photo in question was taken at a recent lingerie event the model worked at and features her standing in a dressing room in underwear – but many have claimed that she looks too skinny and unhealthy in the particular snap. 

The comments on the photo “stunned” the model and she featured on TV3’s Midday today to defend herself, saying that she “works her arse off” for her body and while she accepts that the lighting in the changing room may not have been the best, she has nothing to apologise for. 

Lynn also said that it is evident from her social media presence that she is a very health conscience person, often posting photos of herself in the gym and of her meals.

Lynn’s modelling agency, Assets Model Agency, also defended the model against the claims, replying to one commenter on Twitter: “we can assure you, she’s very healthy it’s just angle & lighting, you see?”