Irish couple appeal for stolen laptop with photos of deceased sons


A family from Carrickmacross in Monaghan are appealing for the return of a laptop that was stolen from a car in Bayside, Dublin, between 3:40pm and 3:50pm yesterday. However, it isn’t the laptop that the family care about, but what was with it. 

The computer bag also contained a red hard-drive full of images of Hannah Smyth and her husband’s twin boys, Laughlin and Ethan, who passed away almost a year ago on December 5th and 11th, respectively.

There are precious family photos that the Smyth family would love to be returned, especially ones of the twins with their older brother Cooper, who is now two-years-old. As the two boys were unwell in the NICU, little Cooper was allowed in to take a photo with his brothers, and his mum explained to Ray D'Arcy this morning about the importance of being able to show Cooper his brothers when he is older. 

Hannah spoke a little about the the hard-drive's physical appearance and the importance of its return on Today FM earlier this morning: “It’s called a MyPassport and it’s a rectangle, about 4×3 inches … tomorrow is Laughlin’s first anniversary."

Police have been informed, but Ray urged those in the Sutton area to keep their eyes open for the hard-drive, as it would mean so much to the family to get the images of their precious sons back. Let's hope the public can pull together and find it for the Smyth family before Christmas.